My wife and I recently decided to move from our home in Paradise, California. We wanted to find a newer home (10 years or less) in a nice area.  We thought maybe a small town in the north state that was out of the snow and the heavily forested pine trees. We contacted our long time friend and realtor Lois Rogan in Red Bluff to see if she could help us find what we were looking for. 

Being that we were long time friends with Lois and her husband, Bob, was very comforting.  We had complete confidence knowing that she was truly looking out for our best interests. More so, we felt that had we not had a long time friendship with Lois and her husband, she would have treated us exactly in the same manner.

Both my wife Angie and I commented many times of the high level of professionalism that Lois handled every aspect of our home purchase. From finding the right house, to making an educated fair offer, to overseeing the inspection process, and ending with the close of escrow, Lois was always there with us making sure that all went as it should. As we all know, selling a home and purchasing a new home can be an extremely stressful experience. Having an experienced, knowledgeable realtor like Lois Rogan, one that really does care about the final outcome of your home purchase, can turn an otherwise stressful time, into a pleasant experience. 

Trig and Angie Birkeland